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Standard: EN 12735 - EN 12449

Dimensions: Naked copper tube Cu-DHP, seamless, available in LWC

Naked copper tube Cu-DHP, SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS, seamless, available in LWC, suitable for the production of domestic and industrial refrigerators, domestic and industrial conditioners, heat exchangers, boilers, fittings, armored resistance, electrical connecting elements.


Standard: EN 12735/1

Dimensions: Copper tube Cu-DHP, available in annealed coils and hard or soft straight lenghts

The copper tube Feinrohren GREEN is produced and indelibly marked in conformity with the European standard EN 12735/1, specifically designed for civil and industrial system in the heating and refrigeration field.


Standard: EN 13348.

Dimensions: DHP copper tube (Cu+Ag min. 99.90%; 0.015%≤P≤0.040%) available in soft 50m coils or hard and half hard 5m straight lengths, bearing CE marking according to Directive 93/42/EEC and following amendments given by Directive 2007/47/EC .

MEDICALFEIN copper tube complies with the requirements of Directive 93/42/ EEC and subsequent amendments and it is classified as a CLASS IIA medical device. MEDICALFEIN is intended to be used in the manufacture of medical gas, medical gas mixtures, air and vacuum pipeline systems, and of anesthetic gases scavenging systems, according to the relevant standards.


Standard: EN 12449 - EN 12450

Dimensions: Feinrohren’s Cu-DHP copper capillary tube is available in coils of 30/60 Kgs

Green copper capillary is the product choosen, from more than 50 Years, by the major producers of refrigerators in the World.


Our high quality copper fittings SERIES 5000, are produced in the European Union, in accordance with the standard UNI EN 1254/1 and can be used in combination with copper pipes manufactured according to UNI EN 12735, UNI EN 13348, UNI EN 1057 and UNI EN 12449.

Brazing alloys

TonBraze is a new line of innovative brazing alloy supplied by European manufacturer according to international norms. We can supply a various range of brazing alloys to reach every customer’s need: copper/phosphorous, Copper/phosphorous/silver (different % of silver), silver rods (bare or coated), aluminum brazing wire. Acid boric free fluxes is also part of our range of products.

The primary target of TONOLI S.r.l. is to supply the market and the customers with the right products that may satisfy every kind of needs, supporting the top quality with the maximum flexibility and with the best quality/service ratio, taking advantages of its dynamic Company system.