Standard: EN 12735/1

Dimensions: Copper tube Cu-DHP, available in annealed coils and hard or soft straight lenghts

The copper tube Feinrohren GREEN is produced and indelibly marked in conformity with the European standard EN 12735/1, specifically designed for civil and industrial system in the heating and refrigeration field.


The copper tube Feinrohren GREEN is guaranteed against any production defects.

The total cleaning degree (soluble and non-soluble residues), since tending to zero, is far below the limits provided by the corresponding standard.

The copper tube Feinrohren GREEN is ideal for applications with the new ecologic fluids (R407C, R410A, etc.).
The mechanical characteristics of the copper tube Feinrohren GREEN make easier and quicker the installation thanks to easiness on the bending, the flaring and the bordering.
The copper tube Feinrohren GREEN is available in a wide range of dimensions and types, in coils of 15m, 30m, 50m and in straight lengths of 4m, 5m.

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