Our high quality copper fittings SERIES 5000, are produced in the European Union, in accordance with the standard UNI EN 1254/1 and can be used in combination with copper pipes manufactured according to UNI EN 12735, UNI EN 13348, UNI EN 1057 and UNI EN 12449.


We have available different types of material:
- Standard fittings, available from 6 to 108 mm diameter in a very high variety of figures in pack of 10, 5 or 1 pc based on the diameter.
- Medical fittings, with CE marking according to Directive 93/42/EEC and following amendments given by Directive 2007/47/ EC.
- Medical fittings, not CE marked, individually bagged and available from 6 to 108 mm diameter.
- High wall thickness fittings, available from 22 to 54 mm diameter, designed with the specific task to withstand high operating pressures, with particular interest in carrying out refrigerant gas systems R-410A or CO2.

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