TONOLI S.r.l. is a leading company in the distribution of a high quality copper tubes and capillary tubes for refrigeration, air conditioning, boilers and medical gases.

About us

Luigi Tonoli, an expert technician active for many years in the field of industrial and medical gases, decided, in 1993, to undertake the business of the distribution of copper tubes, establishing the company TONOLI S.r.l. in Brescia, an international center for applications and supplies in the metallurgic field.

TONOLI S.r.l. became quickly a reference point for the refrigeration and air conditioning market, becoming the official distributor of FEINROHREN S.p.A. for the Italian market.

Thanks to the support of the big medical gases distribution Companies, always focused on the patient safety and regulating aspects, at the end of ninety, Mr. TONOLI engaged the process to obtain the certification of the MEDICALFEIN tubes as a medical device.
With pioneer efforts and thanks to the indisputable quality of the product, on December 2000, TONOLI S.r.l. obtained the CE mark for its tube, putting it, as a unique case in UE, in the list of the products qualified as medical devices.

In January 2011 TONOLI S.r.l. was acquired by FEINROHREN S.p.A., an acquisition that allows TONOLI S.r.l. to do another step forward: we are the unique copper tubes distributor that works with the direct support of the producer.
In TONOLI S.r.l. the customer finds, in addition to the service offered by the distributor, the support of the production plants and technical office of the best Italian producer of high quality copper tubes and capillary tubes.