Standard: EN 12735 - EN 12449

Dimensions: Naked copper tube Cu-DHP, seamless, available in LWC

Naked copper tube Cu-DHP, SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS, seamless, available in LWC, suitable for the production of domestic and industrial refrigerators, domestic and industrial conditioners, heat exchangers, boilers, fittings, armored resistance, electrical connecting elements.


The tube SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS besides being produced in accordance with the standard EN 12735 and EN 12449 (which defines the qualitative requirements along with the shaping and dimensional tolerances) is produced by Feinrohren’s innovative SGFS system which guarantees a cleanliness on the internal surface of the tube leading to residue values tending to zero as well as to an average costant grain size in every production lot and over all the coils’ lengths thus ensuring a product extremely homogeneous and with an excellent workability.

The tubes SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS are compatible with the new refrigerant fluids (type R134a, R600, R410, etc.) and with the new lubricants (type ESTEROIL, etc.) as well as with the oils and fluids of the old generation.

The tubes SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS can be hard or annealed, available in LWC with or without cardboard reel and in coils of 115 kgs., 150 kgs. or 230 kgs. each.

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